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"The SoftSide Umbrella is a top notch, cut above the norm quality device ... This beautiful umbrella speaks volumes as to the quality manufacturing involved, by simply looking at it."

-Family Review Center
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"This is one of the most well-made and sturdy umbrellas I’ve ever used."
Kristine (The Classy Chics)
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Customer Reviews

"I have been using this umbrella for 4 months and I love it. Strong, big frame, nice fabric and I never worry about getting soaked when my 10″ taller husband is holding the handle. Best umbrella I have ever owned."
Deb Goldman, Tampa

"It's been a rainy day in North Carolina! I used my Softside umbrella and stayed nice and dry (my dog even stayed dry)!! This is the best umbrella I've ever owned!!! Everyone should own a Softside!!!!
April D. - Winston Salem, North Carolina

"I just gave it to her - she was very excited!"

Happy in Michigan

"The umbrella is definitely wind resistant and if it does reverse
you can flip it back without damaging it."
Steve Wit, Osprey FL

SOFTSIDE IS SAFER: The revolutionary SoftSide design eliminates the stiff rib tips that are responsible for numerous injuries. In the USA alone standard umbrellas are involved in approximately 2800 injuries per year requiring hospital treatment, including eye jabs and various other piercings and lacerations of the body.1

Standard umbrellas are dangerous! (See examples on our News & Photos page.) SoftSide eliminates the dangerous ribs with a revolutionary lever-action frame that opens flexible sections into rounded and soft-edged shapes resembling flower petals.2

SOFTSIDE IS A BETTER INVESTMENT: The SoftSide revolution does not stop with safety, but marches forward with a removable canopy! Standard umbrellas have canopies that are sewn to the frame, so if you rip the canopy you have to replace the entire umbrella. Not so with a SoftSide umbrella; its revolutionary design allows you to simply replace the canopy, preserving your investment in the high-quality frame.

SoftSide's rugged construction is perfect for areas with a lot of rainy and gusty days, and its domed canopy will help protect your hair and face (and your partner or child) against wind-driven rain.

    Tired of Throwing Away Damaged Umbrellas?
    broken umbrellas

    "Umbrellas fail to survive a Brooklyn storm,"  Urban75

    SOFTSIDE IS QUALITY: A revolutionary design would not be complete without attention to detail and quality, so you will find that the SoftSide is crafted to be strong and durable, including

    • windproof construction
    • fiberglass and coated-steel components
    • 100% polyester water-repellent canopy
    • solid-grip rubber handle
    • anti-skip rubber coated tip
    SOFTSIDE IS ARTFUL ELEGANCE: SoftSide's unique and contemporary copyrighted design makes a powerful fashion statement, achieving an elegant blend of art and function. Canopies can also be easily replaced to suit your fashion preferences.

    Tips To Ensure Your Highest Satisfaction with your SoftSide Umbrella

    Our customers love their SoftSide umbrellas, but we've had some feedback that might be helpful to new customers:

    • Heavier and larger than a typical rain umbrella, the SoftSide is designed for ruggedness and a long life, as well as excellent rain coverage.
    • When opening a tightly-closed SoftSide, press the unlocking button on the slider, and while pointed at the ground shake the umbrella a bit to loosen the ribs an inch or two, and then it will smoothly open.
    • Unsnapping the canopy is best done by firmly holding each part of the mating snaps; holding only one side of the snap and pulling may rip the canopy. (Some customers find it easier to replace the canopy with the umbrella opened, others prefer to do it closed.)
    • The tie strap that is used to tightly close the umbrella is not attached to the canopy. This is traditional for high-end fashion umbrellas; i.e. having the strap dangling from the canopy detracts from the artfulness of the unique design. However, the strap can be sewn to the canopy if you prefer a more utilitarian design.

    Our lifetime warranty: Your SoftSide umbrella is warranted against defects in materials or workmanship for its lifetime. Typically, if such defects exist they will show up right away, which is why most "lifetime" warranties for defects are misleading. That's why we provide the additional warranty below:

    Our 3-year limited warranty: The SoftSide is windproof and is designed to survive without damage extreme winds that might temporarily invert the canopy. Nontheless, in the unlikely event your SoftSide umbrella is damaged by wind gusts please return the damaged unit for a free replacement of the same or newer model.

    Our warranty does not include damage due to accidents, improper use, or canopy wear and tear. Returns should be shipped with your name, address, and date of purchase to:

      SoftSide Umbrellas, LLC
      Returns Department
      807 Airport Access Road, Unit D
      Traverse City, MI 49686

      Questions? Please email us at sales@softsideumbrellas.com

      Note 1: Hospital-Data.com
      Note 2: Patent US6053188. Frame & Canopy Design © 2015