Our Story

As I eased out of my car on a blustery rainy day many years ago, I opened my standard umbrella. A strong gust of wind suddenly threw the umbrella back into my face, with a sharp rib striking the side of my nose and barely missing my eye. "I could have been blinded just now!" I thought. "There must be a way to make a safer umbrella."

Sure enough, after researching eye injuries, I confirmed that standard umbrellas are very dangerous1. It seemed that the only reason the hazard of such umbrellas had been tolerated for so long is that there had been no practical alternative. Because solving tricky puzzles is part of my nature, this was a challenge I could not resist, so I got to work.

A solution did not come easily. However, after years of experimenting, and then many further years of refinement, my SoftSide umbrella was born. With its absence of hazardous rigid spokes, plus its removable cover, I can proudly say that the SoftSide is the first truly revolutionary umbrella advancement since the umbrella's creation four thousand years ago!

The first model is a strong heavy-duty version suitable for climates that get a lot of rain, and it's also great as a golf umbrella.

I'm an engineer, not a salesman, and in fact I don't like typical over-hyped promotions, so you're not going to get any of that on my SoftSide site. Instead you will get honest no-frills descriptions of the SoftSide product line. I hope you find that refreshing, and I look forward to any comments or suggestions you may have.  

Ed Walker

Note 1: Hospital-Data.com, The Transorbital Intracranial Penetrating Injury, Martin Th. A. van Duinen MD PhD (33% of serious eye injuries surveyed were caused by umbrellas), Monash Injury Research Institute, etc.